Case Study

White-label for Design & Branding Studio


The client, a Design and Branding Studio, faced challenges in meeting the growing demand for web design and maintenance services. With no in-house team for web-related projects, they were turning down potential leads and missing out on business opportunities.


Lack of Web Design and Maintenance Expertise

  • The client had no dedicated team for web design and maintenance, limiting their ability to cater to client demands in this domain.
  • They were missing out on potential business opportunities due to the inability to offer comprehensive web-related services.

Limited Service Portfolio

  • The studio was only offering services related to design and branding, restricting their service portfolio and market reach.
  • They were unable to capitalize on leads requesting web design and maintenance services, leading to lost revenue opportunities.


Whitelabel Partnership for Web Services

  • Optume collaborated with the studio as their whitelabel technical partner, providing expertise in web design and maintenance.
  • We offered a full suite of web-related services, including website design, development, and maintenance, under the studio's brand.

Expansion of Service Portfolio

  • Optume helped the studio expand its service portfolio to include comprehensive web design and maintenance solutions.
  • This allowed the studio to cater to a broader client base and capitalize on previously missed business opportunities.

Expert Web Design and Maintenance Team

  • Optume provided a dedicated team of web design and maintenance experts to handle all client projects effectively.
  • This ensured high-quality deliverables and improved client satisfaction for web-related projects.

Client Meetings and Requirements Analysis

  • Optume conducted client meetings for requirements gathering and analysis to ensure that the delivered web projects met or exceeded client expectations.
  • This personalized approach helped in delivering tailor-made solutions that aligned with the studio's brand image and client requirements.


Increased Revenue and Market Reach

  • The studio expanded its service offerings to include web design and maintenance, resulting in increased revenue streams and market reach.
  • They were able to capitalize on previously missed business opportunities and cater to a broader client base.

Improved Client Satisfaction

  • The introduction of web design and maintenance services improved overall client satisfaction by offering comprehensive solutions under one roof.
  • Clients appreciated the studio's ability to handle their design, branding, and web-related needs seamlessly.

Enhanced Brand Image

  • The studio's enhanced service portfolio and ability to offer comprehensive solutions improved its brand image and market reputation.
  • They were perceived as a one-stop destination for all design, branding, and web-related requirements, increasing their competitiveness in the market.

Streamlined Operations and Increased Efficiency

  • Optume's whitelabel partnership streamlined the studio's operations, allowing them to handle web projects efficiently and effectively.
  • With a dedicated team for web-related services, project delivery times improved, leading to higher client satisfaction and retention.

Optume’s collaboration with the Design and Branding Studio transformed its business by enabling it to offer comprehensive web design and maintenance solutions. This partnership not only expanded the studio’s service portfolio but also improved its market competitiveness, leading to increased revenue, client satisfaction, and business growth.

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