Case Study

Digital Showcase for Bombay Literary Magazine


The Bombay Literary Magazine sought to establish a unique and visually appealing online presence to showcase literary creativity. The objective was to create a distinctive website that reflected the essence of the literary world.


The Bombay Literary Magazine needed a website that could effectively showcase literary works while reflecting the magazine’s commitment to literary excellence. The challenge was to create a website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, and reflected the magazine’s unique identity.


To address the Bombay Literary Magazine’s challenges and meet their objectives, Optume’s creative team designed a website from scratch, incorporating unique visual elements and interactive features. The solution included

Custom Website Design

  • Optume designed a custom website that reflected the essence of the literary world, with visually striking layouts and engaging content.

User-Friendly Navigation

  • The website was designed with user-friendly navigation to ensure that visitors could easily explore and discover literary works.

Visual Appeal

  • Engaging visuals and interactive features were integrated to captivate visitors and enhance their browsing experience.


The implementation of Optume’s comprehensive digital strategy resulted in significant improvements to the Bombay Literary Magazine’s online presence and performance

Distinctive Online Showcase

  • The official website for the Bombay Literary Magazine became a digital masterpiece, praised for its unique design and seamless functionality.
  • The website effectively showcased literary works while reflecting the magazine's commitment to literary excellence.

Increased Engagement

  • The visually appealing design and user-friendly navigation led to increased engagement, with visitors spending more time on the site and exploring literary works.
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